Another work term completed!

 In Co-op Work Term

Your best insurance is a Founders Insurance broker.

My name is Amanda Evers, and I recently graduated from Maritime Business College’s Business, Marketing, and Administration program. I did my 1 month job placement here at Founders, and although this is an insurance brokerage, I learned so much about many different things. I also learned a great deal about insurance while I was here. I knew it was complicated before coming here, but I had no idea just how complex it could truly be. There are so many endorsements and riders, and when you think about it for a second, they’re logical; it’s just something I’d never thought of before.

I recently got my general license, which means I can take payments and answer limited questions. I felt bad for passing all of the work and questions on to a broker, even though without my license I couldn’t help, so I am very happy now that I can help with the workload in the office now. I learned a lot during my work term at Founders, and hope to continue to contribute to the company.



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