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If you own a Nova Scotia business, you probably need a car, truck, van, or perhaps an entire fleet of vehicles. Most businesses should have Commercial Auto Insurance, and you could be spending too much money on this kind of coverage. In addition, having an insurance professional on your side can be a great business asset. Let’s take the case of Henrietta P.

Henrietta had a flair for decorations. She loved flowers ever since she was very small. Even as a child, people were amazed at her flower arrangements and decorating skills, so it was natural that she became a florist. In fact, her flower shop was one of the most popular businesses in town. She hired several people to help with her florist shop and was soon making deliveries all over the province. Business was very good and Henrietta had no idea that trouble was just around the corner.

To expand her business, Henrietta added two new vans to her delivery fleet, and increased her Commercial Vehicle Insurance, but it was still difficult to keep up with all the new business, and on Valentine’s Day, they were swamped. Plus, one of her older vans broke down and Ellen (a delivery person) offered to use her own SUV for deliveries. Henrietta thanked Ellen and it was business as usual.

Later that day, the roads were slick and Ellen’s SUV skidded into two cars in an intersection. Two people received major injuries and there was a great deal of property damage. Thankfully, Henrietta had discussed this matter with her insurance professional just two weeks before the incident, and he advised her to take out Non- Owned Automobile Coverage. This paid for the huge medical bills. If she had not taken out this coverage, she might have lost her flower shop.

What is Business Auto Insurance?

Commercial Auto Insurance protects you from legal liability and damages to your company owned vehicles. It is similar to standard Car Insurance, except it is designed with the business owner in mind.

Do I Need This Insurance?

When you use vehicles in your business, you need some kind of insurance coverage to protect them. Whether you ship goods or haul cargo, make deliveries, haul passengers, or use a car for business transportation, insurance is necessary. These businesses need to take out Commercial Vehicle Insurance.

  • Trucking companies
  • Shuttle transportation
  • Newspaper delivery services
  • Florists
  • Limousines and taxis
  • Private car services
  • Funeral services
  • Contractors
  • Senior services

Is There Standard Business Auto Insurance?

Your business vehicle needs are different than other businesses, so there are no “standard” Commercial Auto policies. However, all Nova Scotia business vehicles must have the minimum required insurance coverage as such:

  • Third Party liability coverage – pays for other’s injuries and damages if you are the at fault driver. The minimum is one half million dollars.
  • Uninsured/underinsured drivers – suppose someone hit your car and they had no insurance. With this coverage, your insurance company pays the bill. This also includes hit and run incidents.
  • Accident benefits – covers physical therapy, rehab, lost income, and funeral bills.
  • DCPD (Direct compensation property damage coverage) – as of 2013 DCPD is in effect. Damages are paid by your insurance company, and on a fault percentage basis, in a DCPD area.
  • Commercial Vehicle – if your truck weighs more than 10,000 lbs, you must have a minimum of $750,000 in liability protection.

Options for Commercial Auto Insurance

Collision and comprehensive are two of the most important options. Collision pays for your car if you are at fault in an accident. If you are not at fault, your DCPD or the other driver’s liability coverage pays (depending on the circumstances). Comprehensive pays for non vehicle collision type damage. This includes hail damage, fire, theft, vandalism, and tree damage. You also may want to include these coverage options.

  • Rental vehicle – pays for a rental car while your car is in the shop being fixed (for claims related damage).
  • SPF # 6 Standard Non-Owned Automobile Coverage – this kind of insurance was mentioned in the example with Henrietta’s florist shop. It applies to a business entity when the business and its owners could be held legally liability for damages caused by a vehicle they don’t own.
  • SEF #94 Legal Liability for damage to Hired Automobiles – this kind of insurance covers the Insured’s legal liability for damage to or loss of “hired” automobiles, subject to the limits, coverage, deductibles and types of automobiles as stated in the declaration.

Where to Get the Best Commercial Vehicle Insurance

When you compare Commercial Auto policies, you’ll see a lot of differences in price and options. In fact, it can be difficult to choose the perfect policy for your business. That is why you should talk to an insurance professional at Founders Insurance Group. We have been around since 1982 and our commercial insurance department has more than 50 years of combined experience. You can depend on us to help you choose the right kind of Business Auto Insurance coverage.

Founders Insurance Group is not an insurance company. We are an independent agency that can give you insurance from many different companies. We have policies available for specialty markets like taxis and limos also. Whether you are a real estate agent or in the commercial trucking business, we are there to serve your insurance needs in Nova Scotia. Call us today at 1-877-798-5981.

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  • Beyond the Call of Duty My daughter and I were in a car accident on December 11th. I was told on December 22nd that my car was a total loss. I was called by Janice Pottie on December 23rd to let me know that the cheque had arrived. I was very thankful for her call and email. She had told me which documents I needed to pick up the cheque. I arrived after the office was closed, however Steven Taylor stayed late until I arrived. I arrived with the wrong paperwork. I then asked Stephen if he could meet me in the office once I found my paperwork, which we thought would be between Christmas and New Year. However, I had gotten home and found the paperwork that Aviva required. I called Stephen and he came back to the office to meet me! In my opinion, that is way above the call of duty! I have so much respect for him and I want to let you know that he deserves to be thanked. Again, hats off to your company and the fabulous staff you have working there! Again, from the bottom of my heart: Stephen, thank you so much! All the best in the new year!

    Debbie B.
  • A Quick Turnaround Peter was fantastic!  I called in a bit of a panic needing insurance on my rental.  Being out of the province, I thought things would take a while and be much more difficult.  However, with Peter taking care of it, he had everything completed and the insurance active within a couple hours.  He was simply amazing.  Thank you Founders Insurance for taking this stress off my plate and putting my mind at ease.

    Natasha G.
  • I wanted to put in a good word for Janice who has been absolutely excellent to work with. I had been with another company for many years and was just introduced to Janice via my boyfriend this year. She has been very efficient and knowledgeable! A real pleasure to work with.

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  • Going the Extra Mile From working in customer service myself, I know it can be a challenge dealing with all types of people. Sadly, the public is the first to make a complaint, but never a thank you, it seems. Peter Aalders was a pleasure to deal with and certainly gave me the information accurately and promptly. Peter even commented on the discounts he applied and the different companies he contacted to give me the info I needed to make my decision. That was the 'extra mile' he gave to an unknown caller. Thank you for such prompt response and being so courteous on the phone to me, including the receptionist!

    Angela M.
  • Very Pleased Janice Pottie was extremely helpful in finding a better rate for both our home and boat insurance, and I am very pleased with how quickly she was able to obtain the quotes and make the arrangements with the new insurance companies.

    Peter T.

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