Fall is here (Get ready before the Maritime Winter)

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As Fall approaches, our thoughts turn to pumpkins, turkey dinners and warm drinks.  We dust off the throw blankets and restock the cars with anti-freeze windshield washer fluid, and look forward to a cozy season. 

Fall and Winter are all about warmth, but we often forget to do some quick maintenance that will help us save money on heating and keep us safe.  Some things that often get overlooked for home maintenance before Fall are:

  • Clean out the gutters of leaves, and install mesh to keep leaves from clogging them;
  • Seal any cracks around windows or doors;
  • Clean your chimney, check for structural damage, and test your damper;
  • Clean air filters;
  • Store hoses and empty them of water;
  • Drain and shut off sprinkler systems;
  • Stow mower;
  • Get your furnace inspected;
  • Check fire extinguishers and test smoke alarms;

Some of this might require finding a ladder in the garage and convincing someone that it’s a really great idea to get up on the roof, but after a little elbow grease and a day spent outside, you can settle in with a comfortable sweater and a good book, next to your freshly cleaned fireplace, and enjoy the season.
For more specific checklists, contact Cathy by email or call the office and ask to speak to a service Broker.

(Thank you to Amanda Evers for writing this Blog. We hope you’ve enjoyed your co-op work term experience here at Founders Insurance Group Inc.  And congrats on graduating!)

Cathy joined Founders Insurance Group Inc in 2007, first working in IT/Operations and over the years, she has worked in every single department. In the past 10 years, she has achieved her CAIB, LLQP and CIP designations. Today, Cathy’s main role is helping the commercial lines service team but she will often help out with reception, personal lines service and life or critical illness insurance teams, when needed. Cathy also is a facilitator at ITAC Inc. (Insurance Training and Consulting, Inc.) where she helps current professionals obtain their licensing levels and helps new students get into the insurance field. Cathy’s work experience includes various fields such as Business, Early Childhood Education, Information Technology and Acting. She enjoys playing tennis, golf, softball, pickle ball, squash and karaoke. In the office or classroom, or on the courts, softball fields, “on set”, or just out-and-about in Nova Scotia, you’ll rarely see Cathy Bermundo without a smile on her face. Cathy is a positive and helpful spirit, making her an asset to both the Founders Insurance Group Inc. and ITAC Inc. teams, and our customers.

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