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I’ve added a new category to our Blogs: Money Tips for Canadians.  This is a category I’ve googled many times over the years and I always find it hard to get the information I need when I need it.  So under this blog category on our site, I’ll be trying to include relevant information with links to good sources.

NOTE: While I will provide links to various sites and products, please note that it is for information purposes only and that you should always consult qualified and licensed professionals when it comes to your legal, financial and insurance matters.

I welcome any comments and aim to reply as soon as possible.

I hope you enjoy this section of our blog, as well as the other sections.  If you have any ideas for future blogs, I welcome that as well.

I have to emphasize that Founders Insurance Group Inc. is a Nova Scotia based company (we’re in Canada only – we live where we serve).  We are currently licensed to sell General insurance in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  We are not affiliated with any US company.  Our site remains accessible globally because we do have clients living in all parts of the World but do own property in Atlantic Canada, so we want to make sure they can access our site.

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