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Tenant Insurance in Dartmouth

Many people in Dartmouth choose to rent their homes instead of buying, and there are several advantages to renting. For example, you do not have to worry about home maintenance and if the plumbing or roofing has a problem, it is not your concern. This can take a great deal of stress from daily living. However, even renters need to consider insurance and without a good Tenant Insurance policy, you could have a lot of financial problems to deal with. Here is a good example.

Fred and Martha lived for many years in their house and once the kids were grown, they didn’t want to deal with all the work and upkeep. In fact, Fred wanted to take it easy and not worry about mowing the lawn, trimming trees, or shoveling snow, so the couple decided to sell their house and move into a beautiful apartment in Halifax.

Martha and Fred would not just save a lot of time, they would save on insurance because they would no longer own a house. Once the house was sold, the couple got ready to move and it didn’t take long before they were in their new home.

Life was much easier and because Fred was retired he spent a lot of time on the golf course when the weather allowed. The apartment complex also had a convenient club house and swimming pool, and they got to meet a lot of people and make several new friends.

One evening, Martha and Fred returned home to a huge mess. Someone had broken into their apartment and stole many things of value, including Fred’s coin collection and Martha’s best jewellery. In addition, the thieves had completely trashed the interior, looking for items of value. The total loss to the couple was more than $10,000 and they were devastated.

Fred had been meaning to talk to his insurance broker about Renters Insurance, but never got around to doing so. As a result, he and his wife had to deal with the terrible loss, extensive cleanup, and repairs that followed. If only Fred had taken out a renters policy before this happened, everything would have turned out differently.

What is Tenants Insurance?

Renters face many of the same problems as home owners when it comes to insurance. In fact, no matter where you live (including an apartment) you are not without risks and a renter’s policy is designed to cover those risks, and reimburse you when disaster occurs.

Who Needs Tenant Insurance?

Do you rent or lease your current residence? If so, you should consider insurance for renters. This includes:

  • Apartments
  • Duplexes
  • Condos
  • Town homes
  • Private residences

Standard Renters Insurance

When you rent your home you should protect the contents. Here are reasons why:

  • Your things could be stolen.
  • A leaky roof could damage your furniture or electronics.
  • Flooding could ruin all of your possessions.

You also should consider liability coverage. Some things may be the landlord’s responsibility, but these things may be yours:

  • Your dog could bite someone
  • Someone may become injured by tripping over furniture that you arranged.
  • Your kitchen floor might be slippery and wet and a guest could fall.

Tenant Insurance Options

You have several options to consider for your insurance, like these:

  • Flood and sewer backup insurance – what would you do if your things were damaged in a flood and the landlord did not carry Flood Insurance?
  • Items of high value
  • Higher liability insurance limits

Where Can I Get the Best Renters Insurance in Dartmouth?

You could go to many different insurance sources in the Halifax area and find some good policies. However, if you want to make sure you have the best possible coverage and the lowest rates, consider talking to an experienced insurance professional from Founders Insurance Group.

When you get Tenants Insurance from an agent that represents only one company, you are very limited in your choices. That is why you should consider an independent agency like Founders Insurance Group, because we do business with many high quality insurance companies in Canada. We can provide you with an affordable standalone policy and if you want to combine your policy with your Auto Insurance, you can maximize your savings. We also offer low limit policies for those just starting out in apartments.

Founders Insurance Group can help you with all your insurance requirements including life insurance, and insuring your home based business. We have been helping Nova Scotia with its insurance needs since 1982. If you would like to talk to us about Tenants Insurance, you only need to pick up the phone and call 902-468-3529 in Dartmouth. You can also call us toll free at 1-877-798-5981.

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