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Travel Medical Insurance in Dartmouth

Living in Canada has many benefits, including Health Insurance. However, if you live in Dartmouth, NS, and you become ill while in Quebec or another country, you might not have any medical insurance or your benefits could be limited. To take care of this problem, you may want to invest in a Travel Medical Insurance policy. If not, you could end up like Fred M.

Fred was 30 years old and in good physical condition and so was his wife Mary. The couple decided to take a trip to Florida to see Disney World and the many attractions in the Sunshine State. Fred was rarely sick and he gave little thought to doctors, hospitals, or healthcare costs. Mary and Fred planned their trip for months and when the big day finally came they were both excited, but not as excited as their four year old son, Henry.

The first two days of the trip went well and they enjoyed Universal Studios and the Magic Kingdom. However, on the third day, Fred was not feeling well and his stomach was hurting considerably. In fact, the family had to return from their outing because he was hurting in the lower part of his abdomen. After a few hours the pain intensified, and they decided to seek emergency medical care.

When they got to the hospital, the first question the woman asked was about medical insurance. Fred told her was Canadian and had healthcare from his province but that did not impress the admissions woman. She asked about Travel Health Insurance and Fred had no idea what she was talking about. Eventually Fred was admitted to the hospital because he passed out from the pain.

It turned out that Fred needed an emergency appendectomy, and he had complications that required a four day hospital stay. Needless to say, the bills totalled over $30,000 and the couple did not have any way to pay them. As soon as they got home from Florida, the phone was ringing and collection people were calling wanting money. This was the beginning of a very difficult time of life for Mary and Fred, and it could have been avoided had they taken out traveler’s health coverage.

What is Travel Medical Insurance?

Travel insurance is designed to cover unexpected medical expenses that arise when you travel out of the province. It can cover a large range of illnesses and these types of policies may vary considerably in the types of coverage they offer.

Who Needs Travel Insurance?

Are you planning to travel out of Nova Scotia? If so, you may need to consider this coverage, especially if you are leaving the country. In fact, you should consider a policy for your entire family if everyone is going on vacation. You may only think it is just for a week or so, but anything can happen and Fred certainly wasn’t counting on being in the hospital (in the example). Better to be safe (and covered) than (uncovered) and sorry. Also, people that go to warmer climates in the winter (snow birds) should consider this insurance.

What Kind of Travel Health Insurance Can I Receive?

You can take out coverage for accidents and many different types of illnesses. However, there are several things you need to consider:

  • Medical conditions – some polices may not pay for pre-existing conditions. This is an important consideration if you have a serious health concern.
  • One time coverage – when you are only making one trip out of the province, you can get inexpensive coverage. However, if you travel frequently you may wish to check into annual policies.
  • Deductibles – you will probably have some kind of co-pay.
  • Policy exclusions – many policies do not pay for things like sports injuries or acts of war.
  • Trip insurance – a policy may also include lost luggage and flight cancellations.

Where Can I Buy Travel Medical Insurance?

You may purchase a policy from a number of sources. However, one must be careful because you may find many different options and a lot of fine print to read. That is why you should see insurance professionals like Founders Insurance Group. Together you and your insurance person can come up with the perfect policy for your trip. You can explore all the available options and this will help you make an informed decision.

Founders Insurance Group is not an insurance company. We are a team of insurance professionals that work for you. As an independent agency we are not bound by one company or one kind of policy. We can find you an affordable Travel Health Insurance policy that fills your needs, because we have access to many markets that offer health care solutions. We can also take care of self-employed people that need healthcare. In addition, we serve your auto, life, and Business Insurance needs too.

If you would like to contact us in Dartmouth, you can call 902-468-3529 or use our toll free number 1-877-798-5981.

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