What to do when you have a car accident

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Do you know what to do when you have a car accident?

If you have a car accident, do you know what to do?  Well, if it’s a major accident, call the police and if you suspect injuries, call 911.   If it’s a small accident, get the license plate asap (see my story about hit-and-run).   Also, get the information from the driver – exchange driver’s licenses and insurance information – that pink liability card you have in your glove compartment contains a lot of information.  On the back of the card also contains these helpful hints on what to do after an accident (in case you forget).


Ooooh, watch out for the hit-and-run!

I was once involved in a collision.  I was a passenger of the vehicle and patiently waited in the car while the drivers of the two vehicles involved in the accident talked to one another.  It seemed like everything was under control.  The passenger of the other vehicle was picking up pieces of their car which was all over the road and the grass.  She didn’t have any shoes on – I think they were heading home after a relaxing day at the beach.  Anyway, the driver of the vehicle I was in, came back to the car to get something and when his back was turned, the people jumped into their car and sped away (on a busy, almost packed highway, by the way).  Well, thank goodness for good samaritans because they reported that vehicle running away and were able to report the make of the vehicle, colour and the license plate!  Plus, due to the highway being fairly busy, the police were able to catch up to that car.  Thank goodness, I say, because none of us were able to get the license plate before they sped off.   That incident really opened my eyes to what can go wrong – you like to trust that people are good and kind and will not let you down, but, you never know!  (If I recall correctly, the two were at the beach enjoying drinks and so they did not want the police called and that’s why they fled the scene.  Ugh!  Not good!)


Ooooh, watch out for scammers!

Yes, the scammers are out there.  If you have a trusted Broker, give them a call so they can walk you through the claim process.  They can advise you if you have questions, as well.  One of our Brokers was targeted by a scammer who threw himself at her vehicle.  It was a fishy situation because he did not want her to call for police or ambulance – he asked for a sum of money to forget the whole thing.  Remember, if there are suspected injuries, call 911.  Well unlucky for him, she did the right thing and called her trusted Broker at the time and the police who instantly recognized the name of the alleged victim of the accident as a scammer.


Emergency Roadside Kit

Not all accidents involve other people.  So, make sure to have an emergency kit in case you are stranded – especially, in very hot weather or very cold weather or at night.


If you have a car accident, are you prepared?

Know what to do in case of car accident


When you lend your vehicle, you lend your insurance

So now, you’re prepared or on your way to being well prepared in case you have a car accident.  BUT… what about the other people who drive your car?  If you have young drivers in the household, sit down with them and go through a few scenarios.  No, you are not being bleak, you are preparing them just in case something happens – you are being smart!  If someone wants to drive your car, make sure they have a valid driver’s license, make sure they know what to do in case of accident – and remember, if you lend your vehicle, you lend your insurance – it’s you that might be paying extra insurance premiums if they have an accident.  So, you have every right to ask these questions before handing over your keys to someone else.


I hope this blog has helped you prepare yourself in case you have a car accident.  I hope you never have one but accidents do happen.  If you have any questions about your insurance policy, give Founders a call.  Drive safe!

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